Monday, January 30, 2017

Roof Certifications

So, You Need A Roof Certification

Roof Certifications are usually required by a mortgage company during a real estate transaction.  A home inpector or home appraiser has raised concerns about a roof and the lender wants assurance that the roof will not be a problem for the new homeowner (or the lender themselves).  Roof Certifications are warranties that roofing contractors issue on a roof that assure a third party that there are no defects.  Here is where the roofing contractor comes in.  A roof certification means a roofing contractor is issuing a warranty on a roof that he did not install.

Not all roofs will get a roof certification.  A roof certification starts with a history of the roof followed by an inspection then followed by any repairs needed.  There are many factors that go into approving a roof certification.  The age of the roof is a big factor.  Leak or repair history is a big component.  The roofing contractor who is asked to certify a roof he did not install is looking at future liability.  There are usually repairs needed to get a roof up to a certifiable level.  This is an additional cost to the cost of the roof certification.

Don’t let your roof be victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude that we are all accustomed to.
If you have a roof issue, we are the professional roofers you’ve been looking for.  We are honest and professional and take our jobs very seriously.  We look to provide you the customer service you don’t expect from our industry.

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