Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Timing Your Needed Roof Project

Timing Your Needed Roof Project

After it rains in the Phoenix Metro area many homeowners are disappointed when they have to wait a few days, weeks or sometimes months for someone to come out and do a roof estimate or roof repair.

Many customers didn't know they had a roof problem, so it is expected that they would be disappointed about having to wait.

Those who did know about their roofing issues prior to the rain should have done something about it when the roofing companies were not as busy.

The best time to get your needed roof work done is NOW!

The wrong time to get your roof work done (or even looked at!) is right after a rain storm when all the roofing companies in your area are bombarded with calls and appointments.

Roofing is a cyclical business based on the weather.  Roofing companies are busiest after rains and slowest leading up to the rains, especially if there are long periods between rain storms like we get all the time in the Phoenix area.

Homeowners should take advantage of the slower periods in the roofing cycle for a few reasons:

1.  Reputable local companies are around all year (vs. the storm chasers and the "fly-by-nights" that tend to show up when the rains do).

2.  Usually better customer service is given by the contractor because they have more time to give it.

3.  Usually better pricing is given because they are slower and need work.

4.  Usually better supervision is given because there are fewer projects going on at the time.

5.  The roof work will be completed and your home/building will be waterproof before the next rain.

Of course, not all of the above reasons are always true, but an overall better experience is had by both the homeowner and the contractor during the slower times.

Don't wait to get your known roofing issues taken care of.  Do it now.

As always, use a licensed roofing professional for all the roof work you have done.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

We always tell people that a roof is like a car.  Sooner or later your roof will wear out to the point of needing replacement.  This goes for all types of roofing systems (shingles, tiles, foam, modifieds, etc...).  Just like a vehicle, the key is to replace it at the right time - just before any major problems occur (leaks causing interior damage, water damage to fascia or soffits, etc...).

Here are some ways that you can look for early signs of roof problems:

Regularly check your exterior fascia wood.  Signs of rotting or water are usually signs that something is wrong with the roof system in that particular area.

Regularly check your soffits and overhangs for signs of rotting or water intrusions.  These are almost always and indication of a roof system in poor condition.

Look at your roof for visible signs of roof problems - missing shingles and tiles, holes in the roof membrane, deterioration of surface coatings or loss of granules, debris on the roof (especially tree leaves and bird poop), etc...  Usually when you see something that doesn't look right, it probably isn't.

Regularly have your roof inspected by a roofing professional.  Most people will not get up on their roofs (and most people shouldn't!), but somebody has to.  Tile roofs here in the Phoenix Metro area (Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale) almost always have broken, damaged, or missing tile on them to some extent - no matter how old they are.  Right before our Monsoon Season is the best time to have your roofs inspected.  For more information click here for a link to our article about roof inspections for more information.

Like a car, repairing your roof is a great way to maximize its useful life.  Just because one area of your roof needs attention doesn't mean all areas need the same attention.  Age of roof, type of roof, style of roof and pitch (slope) of roof are all important in determining if a roof repair is a viable option.

The Roof Medics always recommends roof repairs when they can be performed, but roofs will not always be in the best condition for us to do so.  We serve the Phoenix Metro area in all types of roof work (repairs, replacement and maintenance).  We are licensed for residential and commercial roofing.  No job too big, no job too small.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Monsoon Season in the Phoenix Metro Area

Roof Maintenance in the Phoenix Metro Area

Whether you have a residential or commercial tile roof, shingle roof, flat roof, foam roof, metal roof or wood shake roof, if you live in the Phoenix Metro area (Maricopa County) then regular roof maintenance should be on your to-do list prior to the Monsoon Season.

A visual roof inspection of all roof areas by a licensed contractor is always your best bet.  You will then know about problems (or potential problems) with your roof.  The most common roof problems are missing or broken roof tiles, missing or damaged shingles, poorly sealed vents and flashings, debris on roofs (mostly from trees and birds), etc...

This tile roof customer in Phoenix had a leak inside that could have been 
prevented by the removal of the bird poop.

This flat foam roof customer in Scottsdale had a leak and didn't know that there was 
6 inches of ponding water on their roof due to debris clogging the roof drain.

The age of the roof will determine when and how often the roof should be inspected.  Most roofs under 10 years old should have an inspection done every other year.  Roofs over 10 years of age should do it every year.  In the Phoenix Metro area (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale) you should have it checked before Monsoon Season (January through May).  

The wrong time to need roof maintenance is after you have a roof leak.

For a roof inspection and all other types of roofing services, contact The Roof Medics at 480-284-7338 or visit us at   

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