Thursday, January 26, 2017

Roof Inspections

Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems

Protect Your Investment With A Roof Inspection

How do you know what is going on your roof?  Most people have no idea what is going on up there.  As a contractor, we are constantly surprised by what we find on roofs and sometimes the amount of it, like debris, toys, tools, bird poop, old roofing material, toys, clothes, rocks, bottles and water.
Your roof protects you from the elements, but do you protect your roof?  Start by inspecting it at least once per year (especially right before the harsh Arizona Monsoon Season).  By checking out your roof you will help it last longer, promote drainage and see what condition it is in and what repairs, if any, need to be completed.
Should you do a roof inspection yourself?  The quick answer is "No."  Most people have no business getting on a roof as they are not used to climbing a ladder, navigating parapet walls and walking on a pitched roof.  Roofers are the best option to have walking on your roof - this is what they do.  They also know what makes up a roof, how roofs are installed and what to look at for existing or potential roof problems.  No matter what, safety is key.  If you do not feel safe doing it - DON'T!  Get a professional to do it.
A roof inspection will consist of climbing up/down a ladder, walking the roof (although there are some roofs not suitable for walking), noticing existing roof problems or potential roof problems, taking photos, and taking measurements as needed.  A typical roof inspection should take between 10-60 minutes per roof depending on size and type of roof.  Residential roofs are typically smaller than commercial roofs thus taking a shorter time.

Don’t let your roof be victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude that we are all accustomed to.

If you have a roof issue, we are the professional roofers you’ve been looking for.  We are honest and professional and take our jobs very seriously.  We look to provide you the customer service you don’t expect from our industry.
To set an appointment for someone to come and look at your roof problem, please call 480-284-7338 or click here.
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