Thursday, July 7, 2016

Roofing in the Arizona Monsoon Season

The Arizona Monsoon season brings some of the craziest weather in the American Southwest. It is hot (and humid!), windy at times (Haboobs!) and there is always a chance of rain – even when the forecast says 0%…  Stray thunderstorms may pop up anywhere in the Valley of the Sun.  It may be pouring rain somewhere in the East Valley (Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert) and sunny & clear at the same time on the West side (Glendale, Phoenix, Avondale, Surprise).
This is also an Arizonan roofing companie’s busiest time of the year, especially in the Phoenix Metro area.  Most roofing companies prepare all year for the Monsoon Season.  Some people can’t believe will still work in these conditions, but year-in and year-out the local roofing companies show up and take care of business.
So don’t worry about getting your roof work completed during Monsoon season.  Roofing companies are used to this (well, we may never really ever get used to working on a roof  in 100+ degree temperatures with a lingering chance of rain, but we will make sure the work gets done is a professional and efficient manner).
The Roof Medics take extra precations to make sure your job will be water-tight everyday during the project.  The Roof Medics understands what it takes to get great roof job completed with the threat of heavy rain and high winds.  We are the professional roofers you’ve been looking for.  We are honest and professional and take our jobs very seriously.  We look to provide you the customer service you don’t expect from our industry.
To set an appointment for someone to come and look at your roof problem, please call 480-284-7338 or click here.
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